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HR Services

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HR Services

Health-Sync Insurance Solutions provides HR services through our sister company EExcel HR Solutions and are confident that EExcel HR Solutions will provide robust HR solutions to help you save money while reducing risk associated with HR, The Cares Act, and Compliance issues. Some of the HR services are an additional fee.

EExcel HR Solutions offers valuable HR services including:

  • ​Covid-19 /CARES ACT: Update your Employee Handbook and policies 

  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment training for groups of 5 employees or more.

  • Live Advisors: Senior SPHR and PHR certified advisors to provide trustworthy guidance to prevent and resolve challenging people situations and compliance issues via phone and email.

  • Living Handbook: EEXcel HR Solutions creates this for you. We don’t hand you a template and say good luck! We provide a federal and state-level compliant handbook that allows unique company policies and delivers policy update alerts as regulations change. 

Always be in compliance!

These handbooks are written and approved by the Law Firm of Constagny, Brookes, Phrophet, and Smith.


Learn: A learning management system to provide courses on a variety of topics so you can adhere to compliance mandates, improve safety, foster professional development, and improve employee engagement. Over 200+ courses.



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